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Niche is a suite experience like no other.

Our Mission is to bring creatives like you a space to grow and be in control of your business in an environment that matches the quality of your work and exceeds your expectations.



With enough space to find a balance between work and leisure, we empower independent artisans in the beauty & wellness realm to achieve your own version of success. We offer thoughtfully designed suites with ambient lighting and ample storage to support your business in a functional way without compromising your aesthetic. 

We are more than just a physical space - behind every pocket door is a business we stand behind and a service provider we support.



Meet Mike and Juli Brennan, Creators of Niche Suites

We are thrilled to welcome you to Niche, a space designed to empower individuals like yourself to thrive on your own terms. Juli, a seasoned hairstylist, and Mike, a former Pararescueman with the Air Force and MBA Candidate at Duke University, each have over a decade of experience in their respective fields.


Juli's background includes designing and co-owning a booth rent salon before she decided to embark on a new venture and create Niche. The concept behind Niche was to establish a supportive culture where independent artists could collaborate, uplift one another and discover their own entrepreneurial potential. As a supportive husband and natural humanitarian, Mike saw this mission as an opportunity to help creatives like you find your unique place in your industry and achieve success on your own terms.


With our vision clearly defined, we set out to design a suite concept that supports a healthy working environment that matches the quality of your work. From our intentionally designed layouts with privacy features to our sun soaked studio, every aspect of our space has been crafted with the individual in mind. We look forward to helping you grow and succeed in your journey.

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