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Hair Painting 101




Dec. 12 | 5 Hours


About the Course

In this class, you'll learn the basics of intuitive hair painting -

  • What products to use

  • Creating a color placement that lasts for months with minimal maintenance

  • Cutting to compliment your color pattern

  • Styling

  • Photographing your work

This 5 hour class will walk you through the process of creating intentional dimension and steps to easily photograph your work for social media!

After this class, you will leave understanding:

  • The fundamentals of Fluid Hair Painting

  • Intuitive color placement

  • The start-to-finish process of a Hair Painting session

  • Knowing when a guest is a good candidate for Hair Painting vs Foil Work

  • What tools you need to perform this service

Your Instructor

Juli Brennan

Juli has been a Hair Stylist with a focus on Balayage for 10 years. She's the founder of Niche Suites & Studio and has enjoyed building a clientele around seamless, lived-in haircolor that lasts for months with minimal maintenance!

Juli Brennan
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